In-Trial Services

For researchers, the science of the clinical trial is of primary importance. Patients’ concerns, however, are different and diverse. A failure to address those concerns will have a significant impact on recruitment and retention. A one-size-fits-all approach risks leaving some patients feeling unappreciated or alienated.

Our experience has shown that consistent contact with participants can have a hugely positive effect on both recruitment and retention. Patients and sites are supported through direct dialogue to ensure that their requisite needs are being met at all stages of research delivery.

Trial Rescues

“We can target specific areas, regions or countries, as required.”

One Research provides swift feedback and support when patients are needed to ensure a clinical trial meets it recruitment deadline, or when attrition rates reach critical points.

Implementing fast and targeted marketing can increase patient recruitment when a clinical trial is compromised by a low number of volunteers or a high number of drop-outs. Perhaps certain sites are struggling to find participants. We can target specific areas, regions or countries, as required. By engaging patients who have positively opted in, we make sure recruitment rates go up and attrition rates drop. At the same time, the administrative burden is reduced for your staff.

One Research also specialises in contacting research clinicians to garner feedback. Which initiatives are working to retain and engage patients, and which aren’t? Across multiple sites in different countries, we can give sponsors and CROs the chance to make evidence-based changes to their recruitment and retention strategy.

International & Multi-Site Support

“The administrative burden is lifted from your team, freeing them to focus on your research.”

One Research’s multi-lingual capability offers consistent communication across multiple sites and national borders – all from one central location.

The One Research model is perfectly designed to scale to multiple sites nationally and internationally. Wherever your patient populations are, we can access, screen and support them through a consistent recruitment process. We employ native speakers to ensure that communication with every patient is professional and positive throughout the research programme.

Similarly, we can establish dialogue with HCPs at site level across national borders. From one central location, One Research takes responsibility for communication with clinicians and patients alike. The administrative burden is lifted from your team, freeing them to focus on your research. This support has a catalysing effect across sites, helping them meet deadlines and hit targets.


“Dialogue lies at the heart of patient-centricity; it is a core part of One Research’s work.”

One Research provides full safety reporting, quality control and reconciliation to comply with pharmacovigilance regulations.

As part of our daily interaction with the public, we operate a full in-house reporting and reconciliation process. All safety information and adverse event reports are quickly and effectively managed. Our process is designed to integrate with your own reporting obligations. One Research can adapt its safety reporting to meet differing national requirements, ensuring compliance across international multi-centre trials.

Pharmacovigilance exists for the protection of the public, but the very terms ‘safety information’ and ‘adverse event’ can have negative connotations for them. Dialogue lies at the heart of patient-centricity; it is a core part of One Research’s work. We are well-versed in ensuring that safety reports are managed not just in accordance with regulatory requirements, but in a manner which maintains the confidence of trial participants.

Lost to Follow Up

“Dialogue lies at the heart of patient-centricity; it is a core part of One Research’s work.”

Re-stablishing contact with patients who are deemed lost to follow-up can provide data critical to the outcome of your research.

Dialogue with patients is an effective way to pre-empt attrition from clinical trials, but it’s also a means by which patients deemed lost to follow-up can be re-contacted. One Research has built into its recruitment and retention strategies multiple stages to keep patients engaged. We can also include a ‘missed appointment’ follow-up call to contact patients before they are permanently lost from a clinical study.

The sooner patients are contacted, the less likely they are to be lost. One Research lifts the administrative burden from sites to keep attrition rates low. Where a group of patients are already lost to follow-up, One Research can mount a campaign to establish their status, contact them and retrieve medical information as required. The cost of recruiting new volunteers is five times that of keeping patients in studies. One Research offers sponsors, CROs and sites the means to retain or retrieve volunteers who are vital to the success of the study.