Tested positive for COVID-19?

Thank you for visiting the Brighton and Sussex Medical School volunteer outreach programme page, run by One Research Ltd.

If you live or work in Sussex; you’re over 18 and you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 in the last four months and have now fully recovered, we’d really appreciate your support by donating a blood sample for vital research in Sussex.

What we need from you

All we’re asking is that you attend our research building at the University of Sussex Campus at Falmer for a one hour session, during which we’ll ask you some questions about your Coronavirus experience and your health in general and take a blood sample.

There’s free parking available; a rail station; good bus connections and we’ll pay your travel expenses.

We’ll provide you with a letter confirming your participation, in the event that you are stopped by police enforcing the current lockdown, but local authorities are fully informed and supportive of this vital research.

Why we’re doing this research

Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the University of Sussex are collaborating on a range of COVID-19 research projects to provide answers to the many questions arising from this new virus, to help improve treatment and outcomes in Sussex.

The aim of this sample collection is to allow researchers to study aspects of the body’s defence against COVID-19. Your sample may help us to build the evidence base needed to identify, at an early stage, those patients who will go on to develop the most severe disease. Studies using your sample could also help in vaccine design and other treatments.


Please share your name and the best number to reach you on, so we can call you to provide more information, answer any questions you may have and discuss your participation.

We regret that we cannot use samples from individuals with HIV-infection, transplant patients, or cancer patients who received treatment in the past year.

What time of day is best to contact you on? Please tick all that apply:

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