One Research launches an innovative Mastercard® service to support patient recruitment and retention

The One Research Mastercard service was developed in response to a client’s request for a straightforward and cost-effective solution to cover patients’ clinical-research expenses. As a company that specialises in patient recruitment, we have seen the problems associated with slow reimbursement and how this can significantly impact on both recruitment and retention. In our recent survey of 3,500 patients, 60% of respondents said that travel expenses are a key consideration in deciding to take part in research. All too frequently the onus is placed on the patient to fund their own participation and then submit an expense claim for later reimbursement. From feedback we have been given, many organisations attempt to reimburse patients in around two to four weeks, but it can take up to nine weeks for a claim to be processed. We investigated card and expense providers from both the pharma and financial services industries but found that they didn’t offer the operational flexibility required and were also prohibitively expensive. Our findings prompted us to develop our own cost-effective, scalable and straightforward solution. The One Research Mastercard is more than just [...]