One Research Continues Expansion of Patient Expense Services Across the European Continent

One Research has seen significant growth in its patient expense services since its inception with operations across Europe. Current pipelines will see implementation in further territories over the coming months. One Research’s Managing Director Alistair Crombie states: “This demonstrates in the clearest possible terms that our approach is the right one. We undertook two years of R&D to innovate in this field because our clients’ clinical research needs were not being met by available industry providers. We needed operational flexibility, scalability along with viable economies of scale to support our work on a global stage. During the early R&D phase, our team conducted telephone interviews with over 4,000 patients registered with our Volunteer Outreach Programme. We set out to examine the potential barriers to research participation so we could develop an effective solution that met patient needs. Of the 4,000 we interviewed, financial considerations were cited by over 60%.” One Research's approach is holistic, considering all aspects of a patient's journey and is dedicated to making the patient experience as seamless as possible. By reducing workloads for researchers, sponsors/CROs, and enhancing the [...]

One Research Continues Expansion of Patient Expense Services Across the European Continent2023-10-18T17:14:22+01:00

Volunteer Outreach Programme Extended by One Research

The Volunteer Outreach Programme is the result of a long and successful collaboration between Novo Nordisk and One Research. Since 2012, One Research have managed the programme on Novo Nordisk’s behalf, providing the opportunity for thousands of people with diabetes to take part in diabetes clinical trials. To extend research opportunities to diabetes studies run by other organisations, as well as opening up access to research into other conditions, Novo Nordisk is passing ownership of the programme to One Research. This will mean that members of the Volunteer Outreach Programme will be offered a wider opportunity to participate in research relevant to them. It will also provide an invaluable resource for researchers looking for fast and reliable access to volunteers for their studies. The handover will be seamless from the patients’ perspective, with their privacy and data protection rights unaffected. One Research and Novo Nordisk aim to complete the changeover by September 2022.

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Research into the Immune Response to COVID-19 Infection launched in Brighton

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, researchers are keen to understand more about this new virus, which currently has no proven treatments or future prevention tactics. Research is crucial to strengthening health systems; improving treatment approaches and ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the University of Sussex are collaborating on a range of COVID-19 research projects to build evidence across Sussex and create an invaluable resource. Led by Prof. Florian Kern, Chair in Immunology at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, a research team is beginning a collection of research blood samples from a cohort of at least 100 individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 but have now fully recovered. These samples will be used to study aspects of the body’s defence against COVID-19, related for example, to vaccine design and inflammation. Studies could also help in vaccine design and other treatments. Volunteers needed for this vital research The team is looking for volunteers to attend the University of Sussex Campus at Falmer for a one hour session, during which they’ll have a blood sample taken [...]

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Presentation of the SBA Businessperson of the Year Award at The Grand, Brighton.

We are very proud to announce that Ridgeview’s CEO Tamara Roberts was awarded 'Businessperson of the Year' at a ceremony hosted by the Sussex Business Awards at the The Grand Brighton.  “Hard work & bloody mindedness does pay off but only if you have the support of family, friends & a fantastic team” commented Tamara on receipt of the outstanding award. This follows on from a recent roll of fantastic achievements including Tamara being announced as the new International Wine & Spirit Competition - IWSC president for 2020. The appointment is a respected honour and Tamara is excited to be taking on this new role, particularly as the first English producer to do so. ‘My father started Ridgeview with the vision & ambition that England could produce sparkling wines to compete with the very best in the world, changing the course of the English Wine Industry forever. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate his legacy and the sparkling future that lies ahead for our industry’. Ridgeview will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2020 and over this quarter of a century [...]

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