Pharma sponsorship no barrier to recruitment, says One Research

Despite claims to the contrary, patients are more than willing to engage in industry-sponsored clinical trials, with altruism, access to new treatments and improved understanding of disease the main drivers for participation, says UK-based recruitment and retention specialist One Research. Much of the company’s recruitment work has been for industry partners, and in discussing this with patients “we consistently see upwards of 85% registering their interest in joining the cohort”, One Research notes. Registration rates “are and have been” consistent at this level since the company started its recruitment programmes, it adds. While that does not necessarily translate into final recruitment rates, it “does show the keenness of these patients to be considered for clinical research”, the company points out. Moreover, high registration rates mean enrolment can be conducted quickly and efficiently once suitable trials become available. Science and Technology Committee report One Research contrasts this experience with a “prevailing view” articulated in last September’s report on clinical trials by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. This suggested that public cynicism about the motives and activities of the pharmaceutical industry [...]