The Volunteer Outreach Programme is the result of a long and successful collaboration between Novo Nordisk and One Research.

Since 2012, One Research have managed the programme on Novo Nordisk’s behalf, providing the opportunity for thousands of people with diabetes to take part in diabetes clinical trials.

To extend research opportunities to diabetes studies run by other organisations, as well as opening up access to research into other conditions, Novo Nordisk is passing ownership of the programme to One Research.

This will mean that members of the Volunteer Outreach Programme will be offered a wider opportunity to participate in research relevant to them. It will also provide an invaluable resource for researchers looking for fast and reliable access to volunteers for their studies.

The handover will be seamless from the patients’ perspective, with their privacy and data protection rights unaffected. One Research and Novo Nordisk aim to complete the changeover by September 2022.