One Research specialises in patient recruitment,
driving clinical-research success for the benefit of human health.

Whatever your role in clinical research, you’ll know that traditional patient recruitment and retention at site level is often a challenging process. The aim is to start and complete trials on time and on budget, but it’s common to find yourself paying high recruitment costs when targets are far from being met.

We can provide full-service patient-recruitment programmes that solve the problem of low volunteer numbers and high dropout rates. Our clients trust us to offer the control and oversight that a good patient-recruitment strategy demands.

Pre-trial Services

Marketing Outreach

One Research offers a full range of marketing outreach to recruit volunteers for all phases of clinical research

Advocacy Group Outreach

Building relationships with advocacy groups is an integral part of patient-centric clinical-research recruitment


A cohort of screened and committed volunteers supports rapid patient recruitment for your clinical-research portfolio

Database Management

One Research can design, build and manage a database specific to your patient-recruitment requirements

In-trial Services


One Research provides swift feedback and support when patients are needed to ensure a clinical trial meets it recruitment deadline, or when attrition rates reach critical points

International and Multisite Support

One Research’s multilingual capability offers consistent communication across multiple sites and national borders – all from one central location


One Research provides full safety reporting, quality control and reconciliation to comply with pharmacovigilance regulations

Lost to

Re-establishing contact with patients who are deemed lost to follow-up can provide data critical to the outcome of your research

Clinical Trial Financial Management


One Research offers an efficient and straightforward scheme to cover patients’ trial expenses


One Research offers a cost-effective and centrally managed system for sponsors to pay sites for trial expenses

Over 60%of 3,500 patients said travel expenses are a key factor in volunteering for research

Post-market Services


One Research engages seamlessly with HCPs and patients locally or across national boundaries to support outcome studies


Specialising in direct dialogue with patients, One Research is the ideal partner to deliver real-world data for your PRO studies

50+protocols successfully

HCP Clinical Trial Support


One Research can identify and contact physicians interested in contributing to the recruitment of clinical-trial participants


Additional nursing support can be valuable in gathering clinical-research data through follow-up visits to patients or sites

We’ve conducted more than 220,000 phone conversations with patients, physicians and researchers


Catalysing Innovation

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Sussex Innovation Centre-based One Research was founded in 2010 in response to the problem of recruiting and retaining volunteer patients in sufficient numbers for clinical-research [...]